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Managerial Effectiveness Program

“Most widely cited stats place the manager’s failure rate around 50% during the first year”. (Source Inc.)

To be highly productive, organizations need to have both effective leaders and effective managers.  Where Leaders need to be focused on moving the organization forward with the right vision, the ability to influence people and work towards achieving those visions, Managers are required to keep the organization running efficiently. For this, both have to be effective at analyzing information, strategise, and make the best decision to achieve agreed goals and objectives.

If you are a 5+ years of Working Professional, an Entrepreneur or a Business Owner, or a Management Leader, avail this comprehensive learning program for such roles are designed to address specific managerial competencies.

Managerial Effectiveness Program at Nirmiti Academy help new managers build their capacity in functioning successfully in their new role. It will provide a guide for individuals who are either preparing themselves to enter that role in the near future or are leading their teams!

We conduct these sessions exclusively on Saturdays hence, you can still focus on your work responsibilities.

As your needs are target oriented, so are your learnings; therefore, we pay utmost attention through an individual coaching to develop your skills and adapt functional applicability methods. The session plan is customized to suit participants functional requirements for higher effectiveness.

Through various brainstorming, functional adaptation, live case studies, open discussions, presentations, video recording, role-plays and such experiential activities, we bridge the gap and take your learnings from good to great!

How we help you to Transform?

The training has a holistic approach that imbibes refined managerial traits that in turn, brings positive change in most of your social, personal and professional interactions.

  1. Having decided what skills you need to improve on, we meet ‘You’ in person to understand your training needs well and then make your Managerial Effectiveness Course according to your needs, scope, time and duration, etc.

  2. While we will conduct individual coaching and interactions, we insist on application of the learnings within your team. We also understand that one does not work in silos and must learn to become comfortable in group-interactions and express hence, we may blend groups of not more than 4 learners for few sessions.

  3. Our Managerial Effectiveness classes challenge you through activity based learning methods, which encourage you to speak several times through open discussions, presentations, role-plays, mind-maps, case evaluations, (to apply your learnings in your job, in your world) to boosts your confidence level and enhance your public speaking skills.

  4. When in doubt, Coach it out! You will be Trained and Coached by Mrs. Dipti Deepak, our Founder Director and Chief Facilitator at Nirmiti Academy. She is a certified Coach, Facilitator and Speaker, conducting inspirational and life-transforming programs for individuals and organizations, since 2007.

  5. Your Functional presentations and dashboards will be enhanced and handheld to ensure tangible results, measurement of success of the program as well as Future action planning.

Indicative Module:

  • Introduction to Effectiveness
  • Knowing your Stakeholders and communicative workflows
  • Challenges in Communication
  • Listening skills
  • Assertive Communication
  • 1-On-1 and 1-to-Many Meetings
  • Presentation Skills
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Reviews and Feedback
  • Business Email Writing
  • Goal – Setting
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Batch Duration
25 - 30 hours
3 Months
Individual Coaching Program (Need Basis)
For Whom?
Business Owners

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