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Learn to communicate as a leader

Cultivate Communication Tools and Techniques

Ninety-seven percent of employees believe communication has an impact on tasks performed every day at work. According to a recent study performed by Watson Wyatt, businesses with effective communication practices were more than 50 percent more likely to report employee turnover levels below the industry average. Communication barriers can cost very an organisation an average of over $60 million per year!

As your responsibilities grow, your communication skills can help you scale newer heights — or hold you back! In any business role or function, you must be able to convey your ideas in ways that drive effective decision making and timely execution. No matter how you slice it, Communication is one of the most important virtues on this planet and effective communication is indeed the key to individual team member and organisational success.

To be highly productive, organizations need to have effective professionals, leaders and managers.  They are required to keep the organization running efficiently, for this, they have to be effective at analyzing layers of communication styles and achieve agreed goals and objectives. For example, if I am an extroverted styled communicator and my manager is more an introspective category, I may assume that my contribution is not valued and acknowledged – a sure trigger of attrition in the long run. If we do take opportunities to connect, work out our influences and collaborate, we are on the path of bridging effective communicative strategies.

Business Communication Program of Nirmiti Academy aims to cultivate those communication tools and techniques which will improve your ability to communicate as a leader!

Exploring spoken, written, Verbal and nonverbal ways of communication, presentations, interactive activities and much more will help you become a more persuasive communicator in your area. It will augment your journey of being a confident communicator with an understanding of why and how to choose powerful vehicles of communication to attain desired goals and objectives. Communicating effectively will seem effortless with this power-packed program in Business Communication!

How we help you to Transform?

We provide practical, tangible and highly focused  30 hours of Classroom Learning experience essential to perform exceptionally well in an organization. While this program focuses on group coaching for not more than 4-5 leaders, we also conduct one-on-one Managerial Effectiveness program for Senior Leaders/managers and above.

Robust and explorative methodolgies such as Case study discussions, root case problem solving approaches, functional presentation and guided feedback mechanism sets this program apart and brings exponential learnings in comfortable team-interactions with like-minded professionals.

Goal setting and action plans are set with coaching techniques to ensure sustainable development in future!

You will be Trained and Coached by Mrs. Dipti Deepak, our Founder Director and Chief Facilitator at Nirmiti Academy. With 14 years of global experience in creating transformations through Trainings, Teaching, Mentoring, Coaching and Facilitative methodologies, these 30 hours catapults your learning experience with her!

Business Communication Course Contents

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Be an impressive introducer in both formal and informal communicative situations!

Know and prioritise your stakeholders

Build your personal branding

Refine your weaknesses resulting into strengths and opportunities – more power to inner growth

How comfortable and effective we are in our communication skills

Face-off with power and importance of two-way communication

Learn to say ‘NO’ – skill of Assertive response

Resolve Workplace Conflicts through assertiveness

Know 7C’s of Communication

Exhibit Listening Skills to be an effective Communicator

Streamline all communication workflows

Understand key stakeholders for meetings

Know importance of meetings and incorporate appropriate communication methods in meetings

Constructive or chaotic meetings – A preferred choice

Guidelines on conducting effective meetings at your workplace

One-on-One Meetings – Collaborative communication

Accept and provide feedback

Learn how to build and share expressive and impactful content

Refine your functional power point slides, engaging flow, and create visual content of presentations

Build awareness on your Body language and use it to your advantage

Share Super tips and techniques to overcome nervousness and be an effective speaker

Enhance your presentations for super negotiations

Identify, Evaluate and choose the right solution for a problem

Attributes, Tips and techniques of Decision Making

Problem solver or negotiator?

Simulate your way through your Functional bottlenecks

Revamp grammar essentials

Practice and Role-play techniques to acquaint and better your English speaking skills in daily work scenarios

Importance of building powerful vocabulary

Art of Formal communication

Make your emails a powerful written tool of business communication

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