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Campus 2 Corporate Training course

A professional Soft Skills Training course – ‘Let’s Evolve' for Students and Academic Institutions

“60% employers feel soft skills are very significant while hiring employees but of this, the majority (70%) find it extremely difficult to find these skills in potential employees, finds the TimesJobs survey, 2016.”

“Corporate India has two major concerns – firstly, to hire good employees and secondly, to train them. Soft skills learned by students during their university education help them to be a part of the team at professional level and understand issues better,” ASSOCHAM secretary general said in 2009 survey.

Corporate life demands various business and life skills, which are not taught in Academic institutions today! Workplaces expect one to be up the curve from the very first day itself. Your performance is not just evaluated on the basis of your deliverables but moreover on how well you exhibit teamwork, creativity, confidence, and good communication skills.

Ruchi Nirbhavne, HR Specialisation - Bedekar Institute of Management Studies

Why we are different

Our Campus 2 Corporate – A professional Soft Skills Training course – ‘Let’s Evolve’ aims to build confidence in young students to make impactful first impression with their interviewers, augment their ‘Employability Quotient’, and smoothly transition from campus casualness to corporate professionalism.

Nirmiti Academy focuses on mentoring students with behavioral, interpersonal and team skills. Each session largely aims at developing Knowledge, Skills and Attitude of a student. We groom students to present themselves responsibly to work and society at large.

Your journey to the corporate starts right from your first tryst with your employer in an interview. Those 10 minutes of interaction mainly determines how and when your career can takeoff. With Mock interview skills and group discussion practice sessions, the student is able to achieve his 1st corporate milestone.

This Superlative Certificate course is for ‘You’ if you are at an early stage in your career, are pursuing any professional course, opting for higher studies in foreign universities, or getting place


Source: ET Bureau


Source: ET Bureau

How we help You to “Transform”

Our Campus 2 Corporate program model makes you a well-rounded, groomed, and job-ready. High on energy, participative, and transformational program that makes you familiar with the work culture and evolve you into a professional outlook at work and life.

  • Intensive 24 - 48 hours of Classroom sessions of more than 15 Soft Skills modules
  • Video Recording and immediate feedback
  • Experiential Activities and Corporate Learning games
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Live projects
  • Letter of Experience and internship assistance
  • Goal setting and action plan
  • Mock interviews and Group Discussion practice
  • Resume Writing and Social networking

Campus 2 Corporate Training Indicative Modules:

We provide improvement in some of these skills:

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What exactly others really think about my first impression: Overall Assessment

Gain Confidence and bring positive attitude towards self.

Makes you capable to speak and interact with new people.

Develop unique and impactful introductions with various sets of people and situations.

Evaluate my current grooming and Dressing quotient and its effects.

Create lasting impressions through power dressing and styling.

Understand importance of personal hygiene in personal and professional life.

Paying utmost attention on what to wear taking into consideration the place, context and occasion.

Bring immediate changes to be brought to your wardrobe and hygiene factors.

Become aware of means and ways to greet people with a perfect handshake, appropriate eye contact and congruent facial expressions.

Learn and execute various gestures that can be used easily in communication and presentations.

Impact of my body language on my social and professional relationships.

Paying utmost attention on what to wear taking into consideration the place, context and occasion.

Tips and techniques alter inappropriate or hindering body language.

How comfortable and effective we are in our communication skills: Overall assessment.

Know your 4 Pillars of Communication.

Improve your Listening Skills to be an effective Communicator.

Learn the tact of assertive communication and negotiation skills to improve your interactions and relationship with others.

Enhance your Telephonic conversations with essential tips.

Essentials of Personal and Professional Etiquette at workplaces.

Understand the importance of exhibiting right code of conduct, values, behaviors in all professional situations.

Tips to improve your etiquettes on all digital social platforms.

Enhance spoken, written, conversational and comprehension skills.

Bring awareness and refine common errors in English Grammar.

Expand your Vocabulary with word power building exercises.

Builds and strengthens fluency and expressiveness in English Language.

Overcome fear of expressing your ideas in small focused public groups

Refine your power point slides, engaging flow, and create visual content of presentations.

Acclimatize oneself to varied mediums and tools of presentations.

Build awareness on your Body language and use it to your advantage

Share Super tips and techniques to overcome nervousness and be an effective speaker.

Importance of timely deliverables at workplaces.

Avoid Time wasters through easy and effective ways.

Prioritize your important tasks

Tips to overcome stress and deliver tasks on time.

Set Powerful goals to bring discipline and accountability

Key elements of professional group discussions.

Cultivate ease in speaking on varied socio, economic, business, and current affairs topics.

Super Tips for writing powerful resumes.

Control measures and practice on responding to interview questions through real-life simulations.

Traits and varied roles of an effective Team.

Importance of building trust and credibility while working in Teams.

How Super Teams are built? Role of a Leader in nurturing Team culture.

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Batch Duration
24 - 48 hours
3 Months
For Whom?
Young students
Students opting for higher studies
9 – 6 professional
Academic Institutions
Coaching institutions

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