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Soft Skills & Leadership Trainings for Corporates

Meet the challenges of Global business environment

“The only thing worse than losing an employee you have trained is keeping an employee you haven’t trained. “ – Zig Ziglar

To bridge competency gap towards building skilled and productive workforce and to meet the challenges of global business environment, Nirmiti Academy focuses on productivity enhancement training through their Soft Skills and Leadership Trainings for Corporates. Instead of pushing learners to learn

Nirmiti Academy strive to contribute to the growth and profitability of your organization by providing the appropriate methods and training necessary for job excellence. We have been working with varied clients to deliver a value-adding experience for their most valuable assets - People!

We wish to work closely with client organizations / corporates / industry and enter into long term relationship for providing customized skills building programs for sustainability of productivity and learning of your organization and its employees.

How we help you to Transform?

As much as the learning methods have changed over a time, the business environment has also become equally complex. To ensure the right gravity of learning, we have devised a robust 4 – step approach:

Step 1: Analysis – The 1st step of our Approach helps us to understand the gap between the current state and the expected results. With the help of various interventions, we diagonse the current condition and help you to also develop your learning objectives:

Field visit/Feedback

Face to face / Phone interview

Pre – training Assignment / Presentation / Group Discussion

Performance Reports

Step 2: Design and Delivery – With the help of the diagnosis of your current condition and learning goals, we determine the training structure and offer a customised learning intervention. Our workshops focus on high engagement and participation with techniques like role-play, group discussions, guided feedback and many more. Our endeavor is to create profound and sustainable impact in your personal and professional life.


Step 3: Internalize – The weekly practice, home assignments, and other learning reinforcement interventions planned in the Design and Delivery stage ensures enhanced learning and quick internalization of concepts. Each workshop aims at reinforncement of learning and execution in their functional and demanding situation. Multiple formative assessments are planned to focus on the journey of learning than the desitnation.

Feedback mechanism

Individual Action plans


Step 4: Evaluation and Follow up – Getting feedback and closing the loop by measuring the success of the entire learning intervention is crucial for us. Evaluation on every aspect of the program is highly important for the learning experience. It also helps our learners to understand value on their investment. It gives a greater insight in possible requirement in other training requirements like a refresher program or other follow up approaches.


Our Repertoire of Corporate Trainings

Communication programs:

Communication Skills

Spoken English

Email Writing

Assertive Communication

Impactful Presentation Skills

Interpersonal Communication

Public Speaking

Telephone Etiquette

Personal Effectiveness:

Time Management

Personal Grooming And Etiquette

Group Discussion And Debate

Conflict Management

Work Life Balance

Stress Management

Customer Service Orientation

Train The Trainer

Goal Setting

Teamwork And Team Effectiveness

Negotiation Skills

Interviewing Skills

Leadership Programs:

First Time Leadership Skills

Managerial Effectiveness

Problem Solving And Decision Making

One-On-One Meetings

Managing Millennial And Entrepreneurial Culture

Goal Setting For Teams

Campus To Corporate

Induction Training

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