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Train the Trainer

"To Teach is touch lives" - For the Trainers, Faculty, Teachers and Educators and the torch bearers of learning!

Our Train the Trainer Program, ‘Let’s Facilitate’ aims at equipping classroom teachers, corporate trainers, specialised educators and faculty, and aspirant training professionals with specific knowledge, necessary attitude and evolving skills to positively influence students’ learning needs and transform their learning culture.

This course is highly recommended for:

  • Organisations that wish to develop and upgrade the skills of their internal training team
  • Schools and College institutions who wish to incorporate innovative and interactive facilitation methods of teaching
  • Aspirants who want to become Certified Corporate Trainer
  • Become a Certified Empanelled Trainer with Nirmiti Academy

  • As we know your vital role in creating excellence in your participant's journey of learning, this master class helps you to become an impactful facilitator in Teaching, transition you from teaching to facilitative methods and cope up with ever-changing needs of your learners.

    We provide participants with exhaustive learning in areas of course planning, audience management, and techniques to deliver effective training sessions. Come and experience new training techniques and get to practise them, create a short training session using your own materials, and receive detailed feedback.

    How do I learn and transform?

    This multi-dimensional program is designed as per your learning needs and delivered in order to unleash your potential as a Facilitator. Our team of expert facilitators will mentor, guide, coach and facilitate your learning for enhancement of their teaching techniques.

    We actively engage our participants in Role-plays, Discussions, Video-Recording and Immediate Feedback, Team-building activities, Case-Studies, Simulation techniques, and many more which ensures great value, practical and upward increase in their learning curve.

    Sessions are planned taking into consideration the best fit program for you to unlearn, relearn and reinforce facilitative techniques in your teaching.

    These multi-dimensional techniques are not only practical and easily adaptable to your classroom challenges but also make you accountable to your transition to an effective Facilitator.

    Faculty Development Course Contents

    Let us take a peak at some of the topics that we take:

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    Understanding difference between teaching and facilitation

    Learn the KSAs of an effective Facilitator

    Hook your class with the right attitude and icebreakers

    Set the stage and expectation techniques

    Understand the importance of Grooming in personal and professional life

    Do’s and Don’ts of Power Dressing

    How to appear Cool, Controlled and Confident

    How are my current communication levels: Overall Pre – assessment

    Adopting key Feedback strategies to enhance and instill two-way communication process for better rapport and trust

    Practice active listening techniques to understand right message from student and ensure the set results

    Create win-win dialogues to ensure audience is truly engaged and look approachable

    The triad of Peer, Parent and Student influences

    Bring awareness and identify needs of all the stakeholders – a 360 degrees evaluation

    Distinguish the responsibility and accountability areas

    Implement Problem-solving and powerful Coaching techniques to derive actionable steps

    Managing diverse learners and their emerging concerns

    Use assertive conflict resolution style of communication to resolve and manage behaviors

    Building EQ in the classroom

    Bringing elements and importance of empathy, mutual respect, and value-based learning in the classroom

    Importance of Instructional Design in developing your lesson plan

    Implementing few principles in current teaching methodology

    Introducing various techniques like Questioning skills, collaborative learning, problem-solving, creative thinking, inclusion of graphic tools, etc

    Develop Reading Skills to ensure better learning

    Infusion of pre and post assessments on spoken, written, conversational and comprehension skills

    Importance of Formative and Summative feedback in your classroom

    Self assessment and feedback

    Teach your students to manage their time well and learn to prioritize their study deliveries

    Easy and effective ways to manage your session plan as well as their personal goals

    Design powerful goals to achieve sustainable success

    Learn to manage harmonious relations with team mates, peers, and students

    Understand your role in team development and team engagement

    Tips to be an effective team leader

    Know your learner through different learning styles and approaches

    If you haven't experienced any transformation, this program is then just for you!

    …to feel confident and joyful as a trainer you’ve never felt before. This program will change your classroom experience FOREVER.

    In short, through a Master Train the Trainer program, your trainees will NOTICE the difference today and more...

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