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Internship Development Program

Why Intern at Nirmiti?

Nirmiti Academy is changing lives… If you want hands-on learning and real-time experience in entrepreneurial culture, if you want to augment your employability and get your corporate dream ready, join us as #NirmitiInterns.

At Nirmiti, we are passionate about creating wholesome learning opportunities for common leaders from all walks of life. We have helped more than 1000 people to create transformations in their personal and professional lives through our highly engaging and result-oriented programs.

Great Internship Opportunity at Nirmiti

An internship at Nirmiti Academy, is a great way to immerse yourself in corporate culture to see if you are a good fit with the corporate grind and work towards getting fully groomed and corporate - ready.

Whether you’re graduating with an undergraduate degree, Masters degree, MBA or PG course in any discipline, Nirmiti Academy have Internships throughout the year for you. Majority of our Management Internships take place for a duration of 3 months to 6 months.

Our Internship Development Program create varied opportunities for our #NirmitiInterns. Driven by entrepreneurial culture, you get to explore your ideas and initiatives towards multiscale projects, bring alternative approaches and imagination through your contribution. Together, we refine your personality and chart out a path towards your big corporate dream.

Apart from working on #Nirmitiprojects, we strive to create an enterprising workplace that motivates every member to innovate, participate and enjoy their work. Life at Nirmiti will bring out the collaborative, dynamic and leadership traits in you. With open and friendly environment, everyone gets to handle his end-to-end project.

Our #Nirmitiinterns gain real, meaningful and value-driven experience while building their overall personality. Our interns learn from a wide range of practical projects in Human Resource, Marketing, Sales, Events, Networking, Training throughout their tenure. It not only amps your learning curve but also adds greater value to your resume.

We are committed to groom students and get them to develop relevant knowledge and marketeable skills, even if you are a fresher. However, Internship at Nirmiti isn’t for everyone. We are very choosy about who we bring in our team. So, do go through the Frequently asked questions before applying for the internship.

Frequently asked questions

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Nirmiti Interns must be 18 years of age by the start of the internship. Good communication, Self-initiative taker ability, integrity, ownership, creative and ready to take challenges

Highly recommended to pursue a 3 month to 6 month of committed contribution.

Internships at Nirmiti Academy are value-driven. We provide a modest stipend depending upon the assessment and abilities of the candidate. Emphasis is laid on personal grooming, continuous feedback and letter of recommendation

Most internships are based out of Nirmiti Academy’s Professional Training Centre, Majiwade, Thane West. Certain projects are undertaken at remote levels depending upon the candidate’s abilities and project needs

We highly value and encourage students who are ready to grow and mould their learning curve. With the right potion of maturity, accountability and zeal to go the extra mile, we can hire you as an intern.

We can usually collaborate with your academic institution and send them the Letter of recommendation and project synopsis for your work. This adds a credible feather in your resume.

We wish we could keep on all our amazing interns, but it's just not possible. Internship positions may turn into employee positions only after a robust training and successful completion of Certificate program in Personality Development.
As we are in Soft Skills and Vocational skill building sector, it is highly imperative to follow the necessary standards and pre-requisites to grow in this profession. As #Nirmitibrandambassadors, you can be considered for all future openings.

Every #NirmitiIntern can avail our professional Personality development, Resume building and Interview Skills workshops at subsidised rates. For greater value, you directly report to our Founder Director and internationally certified Facilitator and Coach.
Once you successfully complete an internship, we will also provide letter of recommendation on Linkedin platform.

Although, we have internships throughout the year, we do have winter internship projects available.

Our Hiring Strategy

Nirmiti Academy is about creating the right transformations. Through our internships, we bring out the right skillsets, attitude, multifaceted outlook to your personality and not just about completing a project book.

Hence, at Nirmiti Academy, we look for passionate individuals who have the fire in their belly and thirst for nurturing their learning curve. Rest assured, you will be a significant part of that journey that every learner takes with us. Come and join us in fulfilling our dream of touching more lives!

If you are a college institution or an individual student, let us now understand the step-by-step process of how you can avail this highly structured and balanced program:


You register for our Personality Development program at subsidised rate. You then undergo a robust set of classroom and experiential sessions for 3 months on Personal Grooming. A set of individual and group assessments will determine and measure your strengths and areas of improvement.


You will then go through a 3-4 weeks of Projects which you are supposed to complete within the given period of time. Project – based assessments amidst Nirmiti Academy team and internal placement / project team at your institution will be based on varied metrics.


Upon meeting the set metrics in project work and program guidelines, you will be selected for a Pre-Summer Internship Offer. A clear understanding will be given to you on your role and expectations of the project and other administrative details. You will see yourself contributing value from the first day of Induction itself!

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How we help you to Transform?

Intern development program is truly essential! Here’s how?

Builds confidence. And you know, Confident Students = Confident Leaders of Tomorrow!

Instills preferred professional & workplace etiquettes

Aids Accountability, Ownership and Effective Life Skills

Cultivates effective presentation of ideas for projects

Augments Networking and Employability Skills

Emphasizes on grooming and balanced students

Go the Nirmiti way!

Ranked #1 in Personality Development courses in Thane city

Recognised as one of the Top 10 Personality Development Institutions in India by Silicon India in 2019

Success stories of more than 1500+ participants from varied fields viz. Engineering, Management, Pharma, Consultancy, IT and ITES, Arts, Education, Law, Business and Entrepreneurship, Construction, Sales and Marketing, Finance, etc

Highly skilled in Classroom, blended and Online Learning courses in Soft Skills, English Language skills and Leadership Skills

Uniquely designed methodology with international techniques and customised for diverse learning needs

Equipped with Professional training centre situated right in the heart of Thane city

Well balanced and flexible weekly and Saturday sessions

Suits everyone's pockets

Adopts Experiential and fun learning methods

Instils Collaborative and Project based learning

Rigorous speaking practice and guided feedback

Conducts Micro batches, Individual and group Coaching

Ensures Positive transformation in all aspects of life!

“If you want to take the next steps towards creating a competitive edge and bringing a better version of you this academic year, request your Placement Coordinator to contact our HR at and arrange an Orientation session right away!”

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