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Coaching, Training and Mentoring interventions are seamlessly brought together into - ‘Let’s Explore'

"Coaching” the Nirmiti way!
“Has it ever occurred to you that no matter how much your teacher, mother, caregiver tells you to improve, you still resist working harder and being on track of improvement?”

“Would you be more true to yourself and your plan if there was some neutral, positive, non-judgemental Coach who assists you to go the extra mile?”

We, at Nirmiti Academy, understand this need and offer Coaching, Training and Mentoring interventions together into ‘Let’s Explore’ to realize this transformational change in You. We assist you in proactive and individualised coaching and encouragement to students and professionals, keeping them engaged and committed in their Personal Transformation and build growth mindset.

Our Coaching program is a creative and powerful one-on-one conversational process that helps people in realising their true potential and makes transformational changes in their personal and professional lives.

Is there a difference between Success Coaching and Life Coaching?

Both Success Coaching and Life Coaching are taken to bring out the best in You and create healthy and transformational change at work and in life!

As Success Coaches, we help our clients to craft strategies and take necessary steps to overcome self-doubts and manage with confidence and balance. We help you to achieve growth in what you define as 'success.' For example, an academic student may opt for individual coaching to develop effective ways of study habits and achieve grades. Or an executive may focus on leadership skills and reducing the bottlenecks in managing his team.

Where Success Coach may work on achieving success and returns in his spheres of work, Life Coaching at Nirmiti Academy assists clients in developing balance in their personal goals of life. Some areas that we have dealt in Life Coaching are to gain focus in losing weight, build confidence, manage your stress, etc. We work with emotional change and personal transformation to discover the power in 'You'

How we provide Personal Transformational Coaching at Nirmiti Academy?

  • Each session will last for 1.5 hours. We generally focus on current real-life challenges, possible outcomes, discuss your experience and address your questions.
  • Our expert Coach devotes 15 minutes to discover and understand your concerns, challenges, aspirations, and / or needs to determine the effective coaching match for client’s welfare and future.
  • Next 60 minutes with our Coach will provide focused session wherein the Coachee will share their concerns, goals, beliefs, and real-life challenges.
  • Coach will ask you a lot of powerful questions to discover answers and solutions within YOU. Open-ended and Close-ended questions are asked to get more clarity on client’s perspective, desire in life, possibility of new learning etc.
  • Our expert coaches will provide a listening ear to your concerns/ limiting beliefs.
  • With the help of Visualization and multiple techniques, we empower you to believe in Yourself, set creative and analytical approach and help to change your journey.
  • Step by step approach to define action plan and apply a SMART technique to achieve your goals and immediately attain their set targets.

So is this Counselling or Therapy? Are you a doctor?

You might wonder what is the difference between Coaching and Counselling but, you must understand and appreciate that there are certain distinctions in being a Coach and a Counsellor.

Focuses on past issues like depression, mental illness, anxiety.

Is an advice giver provides solutions.

More problem centric.

Is more progressive and future-focused.

Helps one to find right answers by asking relevant questions.

More goal-centric and action planning.

How will our Personal Tranformation Coaching service be more beneficial for you?

  • Attain new perspectives on challenges in life.
  • Gives you a clarity on what you want, why you want it and how you can attain it.
  • Increase Confidence and Positivity towards life.
  • Set clear priorities and smart goals for personal and professional life.
  • Motivate to pursue your passion and hobbies that you truly love.
  • Identify your core strengths and abilities to use it to your best.
  • Improves your relationships.
  • Better your decision-making skills.
  • Bridges the gap between where you are now and where you want to reach.
  • Encourages you to achieve your goals by taking confident steps.

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