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Online Spoken English - Students - Batch 1 - Apr 2020

English communication is a skill that your child must inculcate from their early ages as they have a great capacity and capability to grasp English and the imitation of sounds. Learning to communicate in English is the key phase of their development and childhood is the best time to start developing the skill of English communication. As the child begins to learn English well, you will see them developing other skills also simultaneously like creativity, problem – solving skills, self independence and greater self – esteem.

As learning is an unending process, the lockdown days of COVID – 19 opened up new learning opportunities for school students to utilize their days to the best of their abilities. Nirmiti Academy happily launched and kicked off the Online Spoken English Program of 10 days for students on the 13th of April, 2020.

The Online Spoken English Program with Nirmiti Academy helps you to develop your English communication skills and master the skill at your younger ages. Nirmiti Academy acts as a guiding force to improve your reading – speaking – listening and writing skills. Undergoing such a program will help you to be an effective and confident English speaker. You will be well equipped with the perfect words and sentences to be used in your academic situations.

One of our participants of this program, Karan Somani, who was also our participant of our classroom program earlier, was all excited to begin this program online. After having done the Classroom Program of Personality Development with Nirmiti Academy, Karan decided to join the Online Spoken English Program with the sole intention of working on his vocabulary and practice conversations with his batch- mates. This short program helped him greatly to overcome his shyness of speaking in English and also improved his interactive skills with others.

Atharva Ajagekar, another young participant of this program was also a participant of Nirmiti Academy for the Classroom Public Speaking Program for kids. His parents always wanted him to make the best use of his free time during the lockdown days. This fact however enabled them to take the decision of enrolling Atharva for an Online Spoken English Program with Nirmiti Academy. The fun learning activities in this program helped him to be in his highest competitive spirits and learn a lot from this program. The 10 days program was an overall new learning experience.

Another young participant, Saloni Nirbhavne who was awaiting her 10th results wanted to work on her Vocabulary and Speaking skills before entering her 11th Grade. As she began the program, the interactive activities and interesting vocabulary helped her to stay excited for the sessions during her overall learning journey of 10 days with Nirmiti Academy. This program helped Saloni to understand the situations and deal her communication accordingly with the perfect words and phrases.

Every student program at Nirmiti Academy comes with a lot of fun, enjoyment and creative learnings. The Online Spoken English Program will enrich you with interesting situational vocabulary. Conceptual understanding of Grammar basics is brought about in the play way method to give a better understanding of the fundamentals.

Our Online Spoken English course will help your child with:

Greater self-confidence

Meaningful sentence construction

Refinement of sentences with the right words and phrases as per the situations

Effortless English communication with others

Enhanced conversational ability

Nirmiti Academy plays an influential role in helping young kids become a confident personality and an effective as well as a polite English speaker. All the activities are conducted at Nirmiti Academy with primary focus on developing the child’s overall English language ability – speaking, reading, writing, listening and comprehension.

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Online Spoken English - Students - Batch 1 - Apr 2020