Online Personality Development and Public Speaking Programs

Online Personality Development and Public Speaking Programs

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Nirmiti Academy has reconfigured and curated its flagship programs to be delivered through Online learning platform to give a continuous, engaging and plausible opportunity to learn virtually in today’s prevailing conditions.

We have scaled up our training services with the contemporary and much-needed usage of virtual programs for the delivery of online learning programs. We are successfully using Zoom, Duo and other video platforms to conduct an engaging experience of learning from your home. All the platforms are easily accessed and adopted on your smartphones, tablets and laptops.

This new wave of learning aids you to learn from home!

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Online Personality Development

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“An investment in your personal development is the best investment you can make – Jim Rohn”

Personality development is fairly refining feelings, pattern of thoughts and behaviors that differentiate individuals from one another. It also helps to acquire soft skills that enable someone to interact effectually and harmoniously with other people.

Personality Development Program at Nirmiti Academy is a process of enhancing one’s characteristics and traits that helps you to build your overall persona. It means to improve your inner and outer self that will help you to boost your confidence and widens your scope of knowledge. It also helps you to find out your capabilities and converts them into your strength.

Through its Online Personality Development program, Nirmiti Academy aims at enhancing your ability to work in any situation with ease and grace. It teaches you to handle a situation tactfully and creatively mould every circumstance into your stride. The course refines & improves your presentation, body language and communication skills.

Undergoing this course will help you groom your personality & deal with people effectually. During the course, you will also receive focused guidance and feedback on image and grooming, soft skills, new habits and goals.

“To speak and to speak well are two things. A fool may talk, but a wise man speaks.” – Ben Jonson, English Poet

Speaking in front of others is something that your child will encounter every now and then in their life. Whether it's reading a report to their class, interviewing for a job, or presenting to an important client during their career, being able to speak to the public or a group confidently is an essential asset they will need to cultivate for their entire life. Some children are naturally outgoing, but others are shy - requiring you as a parent to help instill the confidence in them they need to be able to speak to others without any fear.

Public speaking is not just the act of executing a speech to a live audience. It is an art form - to inform, to persuade, to entertain and to change and all of this through one speech is simply an art personified! And developing this art, this ability in their formative days is one of the best decisions that we as parents can take together!

Online Public Speaking program at Nirmiti Academy, however, goes far beyond simply teaching students how to deal with their fears but moreover, to master the proven skills and techniques that will make them more entertaining and commanding as a public speaker.

“Language is “the infinite use of finite means.” – Wilhelm von Humboldt

This online course is available for a varied audience with different needs. Be it a child, students of higher grades, homemakers and professionals, this program is structured to improve your English skills for daily life and work situations. We provide guided practice in Speaking, Reading, Visualizing, Comprehension and Listening, which acts as a value proposition of this program. Using English in daily life patterns is a challenge for many and people find it difficult to find equal and interesting opportunities to understand their flaws and master them word-by-word and inch-by-inch. Even as a professional, it is imperative in these times to upskill oneself, overcome your weaker spots and build strengths in your functional area through your language capabilities.

Online Spoken English program at Nirmiti Academy builds your ability to communicate without any reservations or fears to varied audiences from social to formal situations. Vocabulary Builder and Accuracy Builder program series will not only focus on your grammar and ease but also teach you ways to use your language for influencing others far more fluently.

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Recognised as one of the Top 10 Personality Development Institutions in India by Silicon India in 2019

Success stories of more than 1500+ participants from varied fields viz. Engineering, Management, Pharma, Consultancy, IT and ITES, Arts, Education, Law, Business and Entrepreneurship, Construction, Sales and Marketing, Finance, etc

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Uniquely designed methodology with international techniques and customised for diverse learning needs

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Suits everyone's pockets

Adopts Experiential and fun learning methods

Instils Collaborative and Project based learning

Rigorous speaking practice and guided feedback

Conducts Micro batches, Individual and group Coaching

Ensures Positive transformation in all aspects of life!

It is our privilege to reach out to you in these changing times and provide an unparalleled experience to build your career from the safety of your home!

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Dipti Deepak
Founder Director – Nirmiti Academy

Dipti, a Founder of Nirmiti Academy, is an internationally certified Facilitator, Coach, and Motivational Speaker conducting inspirational and life transforming programs for individuals and organisations for over 14 years. Her unique style of teaching and training has garnered several accolades both in Mumbai and Paris.

She is truly passionate about developing and touching lives of people through her multi-dimensional and transformational programs. Apart from her contribution to Nirmiti Academy, she is an influencer, motivational speaker, mother, entrepreneur, faculty, runner and an artist.

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