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Let’s Empower – Our Personality Development Program

This is NOT a typically TAUGHT “Personality Development” Course

Through our Personality Development program, our focus is to ‘empower’ people to redefine themselves and use their talents, passions and interests to influence their learnings and transform their lives. It is not like Aabra Ka Daabra effect that the transformation happens overnight; it is more of a process of gradual, visible and real-time transformation. Hence, we let you decide your needs and requirements and accordingly we customize and design the entire program to suit to your best. You have the liberty to choose sessions – once a week, twice a week, few weekends, a month or two or back to back sessions. Over a period of three months, you will see these enhancements more as habits and a way of life.

Who can avail Personality Development classes?

If you are a Student, a 9 – 6 professional, Mompreneur, an Entrepreneur or a Business Owner, a Teacher or Faculty or for that matter a Homemaker, you redefine your personality and Invest in the Brand ‘You’.

Why we are different

  • Uniquely designed and customised for your needs
  • Right in the heart of Thane city
  • Well balanced and flexible weekly sessions
  • Suit's everyone's pockets
  • Seasoned facilitators with international experience
  • Experiential methods of learning
  • Collaborative and Fun activities
  • Rigorous speaking practice
  • Individual and group Coaching
  • Positive transformation in all aspects of life

At the end of your training, we work closely to ensure sustainable results succeed in your future!

How we help You to “Transform”

The Personality Development program of Nirmiti Academy in Thane works on developing and enhancing your personality and potential traits and concern areas to ensure great representation in all aspects of your life. The training has a holistic approach that redefines your internal and visual personality development traits that in turn, brings positive change in most of your social, academic, personal and professional interactions.

  • Meet ‘You’ in person to understand your training needs with our Director
  • Tailor-make your Personality Development course according to your needs, scope, time and duration.
  • Plan your weekly sessions at individual and group level interactions. A focused group of not more than 6 learners are planned together as we aim at individual transformations.
  • Thrust is given on speaking practice, Real-world and activity based learning methods such as open discussions, presentations, role-plays, mind-maps, case evaluations, and projects to boost your confidence level and enhance your public speaking skills.
  • Coaching, Mentoring and Training techniques are adopted by our internationally certified trainers
  • Guided feedback, open discussions and video recording help you to overcome your fear eventually
  • Application of learning through final project work and assessments bring practical results in your overall personality
  • We end with a powerful goal setting and action plan for You that brings sustainable and continuous difference in your life in future

Personality Development Course Contents

Let us take a peak at some of the topics that we take:

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What exactly others really think about my first impression: Overall Assessment

Impact of my body language and expression of my words while I speak in public

Develop an understanding of what and how much to talk in my introductions with various sets of people and situations

Moving to an impressive introducer!

Being able to small talk in front of small, group and wide scope of audience

What exactly others really think about my conversational-skills: Overall Assessment

Importance of Small talk and its role in building rapport in relationships

Being able to speak effortlessly for at least 5 minutes on varied topics one-on-one and also in front of small groups of audience with different levels of experience and expertise

Impact of my talking style and my body language on others

Become an impressive conversationalist to build relationships

What exactly others really think of my current grooming and Dressing quotient – Overall Assessment

Learning how to create lasting impressions through power dressing

Understand importance of personal hygiene in personal and professional life

Paying utmost attention on what to wear taking into consideration the place, context and occasion.

Evaluate and execute immediate changes to be brought to your wardrobe and hygiene factors

Complete assessment of my Body Language; how it helps and aids my first impression.

Become aware of means and ways to greet others with a perfect handshake.

Read others’ Body language and analyze how it influences relationships with one another

Importance of congruency in facial expressions

Learn and execute various gestures that can be used easily in communication and presentations.

Take action to alter inappropriate or hindering body language.

How comfortable and effective we are in our communication skills: Overall assessment

Make your communication effective to create an impact in today’s world – 4 Pillars of Communication areas

Are you able to listen well to understand and deliver the right message- Improve your listening skill

Importance of congruency in facial expressions

Enhance your verbal and non-verbal skills for lasting effect

Learn to say ‘NO’ and get your work done with tactful communication.

Being aware of one’s values, mannerisms and responses and how others perceive them: Overall assessment

Understand importance of values, traits, and social behaviors in personal and professional life

Being responsible towards managing your image and responses on all social platforms – face-to-face and digital

Improvising your etiquette on virtual, digital and telephonic situations

Overcome fear of expressing your ideas in small focused public groups

Learn how to build and share expressive content during start and end of presentation

Speech Practice sessions for building your confidence

Build awareness on your Body language and use it to your advantage

Share Super tips and techniques to overcome nervousness and be an effective speaker.

Build awareness on your daily time table and where your time gets wasted

Easy and effective ways to manage your schedule

Prioritize your important tasks

How can one overcome stress and deliver tasks on time

Set Powerful goals to bring discipline and accountability

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