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Public Speaking Program

“Glassophobia, or the fear of Public Speaking, is remarkably common in America. In fact, some of the statistical findings say that nearly 25.3% of the population has some level of anxiety and fear of speaking in front of a crowd.” America’s Top fears: Public Speaking, heights and bugs – Washinton in 2014.

It also goes on to say, that social anxiety is experienced at the age of 13 years of age. Children at such an age find difficulty in managing the anxiety and shyness in speaking amongst people. In the recent discussion conducted by India Today with three experts from Indian Business Schools, Nayana Mallarpurkar, Program Head, TISS School of Vocational Education stated how important are vocational skills in school education. Some of the prominent skills brought out in this study were communication skills and self management.

What is Public Speaking all about?

Public Speaking is an essential skill for your child’s development. Imagine speaking to a classroom jam-packed with children and knowing that everyone is understanding you and awe-struck by how comfortable, poised, confident and relaxed you appear. Wouldn't it feel great to never again feel nervous or anxious before speaking in front of the class, teachers, parents or society?

Students who practice and polish their public speaking skills learn to describe their points of view in a clear and concise manner. Moreover, they learn to adapt presentation formats to suit varied audiences and ponder upon the needs of the audience when speaking for the purpose of persuasion. This skill of communicating confidently in public, is necessary for succeeding in higher education as well as in the professional world.

The skill you will learn at Nirmiti Academy is not primarily theoretical or academic. It is a life skill that you will inculcate during your tenure with us. It aims to cultivate core skills such as attitude and communication skills at an early age from 7 years. In this program, students will be asked to participate in numerous exercises where they can record their speech on video and get guided feedback and tips till one conquers his fears. Mastering public speaking skills is like learning how to drive a car. You simply have to practise and take up the steering wheel in your hands numerous times and drive the car past the shaking and falling off parts till you get it right.

How will my child benefit with Nirmiti Academy’s Public Speaking program?

Confidence in Public Speaking is an important tool for your child’s development. Moreover, the way the program is designed at Nirmiti Academy, it can even contribute massively to your child’s success in the future. For instance, knowing how to deliver an impactful speech or using various unique tools for presentation could go a long way in creativity, career development and lifelong growth.

Some of the benefits rendered by our program could be:

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Children find their self-assurance and poise intensely increased as they begin to grow their communication and conversational skills.

Learning how to talk in public, present your thoughts and opinions in pair work and group work will help your child to connect better with others and it will teach them how to sense people’s reactions and adjust their responses accordingly.

For example, learning how to deliver a speech will go a long way towards boosting your child’s ability to strike a conversation in person and public and work with varied kinds of personalities.

Learning how to address a crowd could make you stand apart from the masses. As per the education system in India, maximum emphasis is put on academic achievements. Hence, every second child gathers the right knowlwedge and intelligence.

Hence, help your child to stand out, by sharpening those speaking skills! A confident speaker will usually be the first one to seize an opportunity, when others are too shy to stand up and speak.

Remind them that a fearless, considerate and confident public speaker has the ability to impact people’s mindsets and decisions. Our discussions allow every student to take an initiative to speak and come out of their comfort zone.

Public Speaking helps children to consistently develop and improve the four essential skills: speaking, listening reading and writing. Children start to obtain, understand and use new vocabulary that would ultimately help to communicate in a more self-assured and convincing manner. It also aids them to bring out a certain structure in your speech.

It also helps children to work on their research skills. This not only gives them the right amount of content awareness and ease but also have a knock-on result on their academic performance.

Good leaders have mastered the art of communicating with their people; Great leaders know how to encourage and persuade the people they are leading, and learning to master the art of public speaking can definitely augment that belief. Today’s confident children are tomorrow’s leaders.

For some children, leadership comes naturally, but for some it is an cultivated art. The activities planned in our program help them to learn and relearn meaningful tools that can shape them in life.

Today, children are aware of what they aspire to achieve. Their interests are varied however their attention spans have slimmed down. They find it very difficult to follow an instruction-led learning and do not like to be told. Parents find it to difficult to bring their children to accept their weaker spots and create improvement.

A child in Primary or middle school years is in his formative years and readily mouldable too. Through this program, he takes initiatives to participate in individual and group speaking initiatives and learns to accept accept feedback from other like-minded students.

This softens their ego and pride and leads them to the journey of self acceptance and change.

When should my child start Public Speaking skills?

Intern development program is truly essential! Here’s how?

Does your child show signs of reticent and introverted behaviour?

Is he shy to converse with new people?

Is she ready to learn new ways of communicating but something stops her from within?

Is he anxious to face stage performances or public talks?

Does she feel uncomfortable of how people will judge her when she speaks?

If the answer to the above questions are Yes, Public Speaking program is the need of the hour!

The studies say that at least by the age of 7-8, more than 80% of the brain is developed. Indian education system is yet to formalise vocational and employable skills like Public Speaking in their curriculum. Their emphasis is spread over academic, art, physical education and other competitive examination study. With Public Speaking, you are honing multiple skills of your child. It helps to develop fundamental critical thinking and problem solving skills and the capacity to make well-structured and reasoned opinions. It does allow children to participate confidently in an appropriate conversation or even when delivering a presentation in any given situation. Nowadays, it is essential for children to learn how to put an argument together, how to listen and stand other people’s opinions and feedback, and how to put an argument forward with a purpose to prosper in a discussion in a more progressive manner.

Where your child will be busy in working on his/her academic and cognitive acumen, our program will help them to build crucial elements of their personality viz. Confidence, conversational skills and assertive communication which are essential for a successful academic, behavioral and professional growth. Mastering these skills at a young age will boost their self esteem and aid them to bridge the gaps of shyness and introverted attitude. It will help them to build positive relationships in their lives.

Why should you choose the Public Speaking program of Nirmiti Academy?

Communication plays a fundamental role in our lives. It’s a foundation of both metrics – external leadership and internal relationships. Although, Children learn to communicate from the day they are born, they become choosy and introverted over a period of time. The need to be encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and cultivate positive impressions in new horizons. Looking for opportunities where your child can speak to people other than their immediate family, whether at a restaurant, social gathering or at inter-school competitions can help their communication skills.

Interactions with siblings and friends also help in developing social skills and interpersonal skills alongside their communication skills. These skills will make them feel at ease in social situations, where they will find it easier to strike up discussions with peers and make new friends.

Our Public Speaking Program is meticulously deisgned after a decade of reasearch and mentoring conducted by our Director, Mrs. Dipti Deepak in her 12 years of Teaching, Training, Coaching and Mentoring assignments and international career with students, professionals, institutions and organisations. She has conducted several seminars and events and certified Graduate and Post graduate students in Personality Development programs.

Public Speaking program at Nirmiti Academy is infused with powerful learnings:

Increase in Self – confidence

Gain comfort and ease in speaking with varied kinds of people

Demonstrate content in structured form

Differentiate yourself from others in your peer group

Project confident body language

Tame your nervousness

Adopt creative writing and speaking techniques

Become more expressive

Be groomed and presentable

Create balanced and well-rounded personality

Along with the above speaking, grooming and presentation abilities, you will also benefit with:

  • Individual assessment, feedback and growth plan
  • Certificate of completion
  • Activity and fun based program
  • Individual projects / school assignments / competitive project preparation
Above all, Nirmiti Academy offers this unique opportunity to learn and develop Public Speaking skills and become confident and persuasive orators of tomorrow. Communication is the key to success! “If you can’t communicate and talk to other people and get across your ideas and opinion. You are giving up on your potential” - Warren Buffet

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