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Speak English Confidently & Fluently

Customized English Speaking Courses – Classroom / Online

Nirmiti Academy welcomes you to join our customized English Speaking Courses – Let’s Speak, designed just for you!

At our Academy, we aim to give a wholesome English learning experience by our team of certified facilitators, who coach and work closely with you to speak English confidently and fluently.

Whether you are a beginner, a student who has been struggling to speak in English, a Homemaker, a professional or one who plans to go abroad shortly, our Spoken English program is for you.

We work together for 3 months of intensive classroom sessions to meet your needs to learn English and communicate confidently in natural situations.

Our Spoken English course is provided at multi-dimensional levels – Reading, Writing, Listening and Comprehension. We help you to build vocabulary, refine your pronunciation and construct sentences more effortlessly. Using English language in daily situations is immensely practiced to make you more comfortable with English language.

At the end of our Spoken English course, you not only build confidence but also cultivate finer conversational skills in daily situations.

Why learning to speak English fluently is important?

  • Third largest language spoken in the world and has gained more importance in today’s times
  • Increased job opportunities and upward career growth
  • Opens up wealth of career opportunities in global market.
  • Sets appropriate first impressions in your group discussions and interviews
  • Wider reach to global audiences and business and online platforms.
  • Most taught and spoken language in today's schools.
  • Augments better communication with fellow parents and teachers in their parent-teachers meetings.
  • Right environment and nurturing to become effective speakers of the language from home itself
  • Lower focus in Reading, Speaking and Writing English affects not only their scores but also their confidence and self-esteem.
  • This global language makes your travel easier.
  • In all printed, visual and spoken information, English language can ease your survival
  • Access and comprehend plethora of information and research journals on Internet
  • Today’s social media language that connects people and businesses
The advantages of English language are truly infinite provided one knows to use it! So taking up a course in ‘Spoken English’ can change your life for the better!

How we help You to “Transform”

Spoken English program of Nirmiti Academy equips you to speak and converse effortlessly in English language and encourages you to become an effective speaker.

With our dedicated, passionate and certified team of trainers, we build and strengthen your skills in most of your social, academic, personal and professional interactions.

  • English Speaking needs maximum practice and continuous support to get expressive and speak the language.
  • Hence, our Spoken English program follows multi-dimensional approach and imbibes Reading, Listening Speaking, and Writing technique to boost Conversational abilities.
  • With highly interactive and need-based content, we provide maximum practice and exercises based on Cambridge English methods.
  • Vocabulary exercises will broaden your self-dictionary with newer words and their usage.
  • Group discussions, debates, Role-plays and grammar exercises based on daily interactions not only help you to overcome your grammatical errors but also get you more interactive amidst focused groups of audience.
  • Weekly telephonic touch points are held with an objective to make you interact in out-of-classroom situations and reinforce learnings.

Ultimately, Nirmiti Academy provides you a just-right Spoken English course to get more expressive, build your language skills, crack your interviews and career growth and ease and make you an effective and confident speaker!

Spoken English Course Contents

Let us take a peak at some of the topics that we take:

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Learning outcomes:

Increases and improves your vocabulary to be used in everyday life situations

Helps you to understand the key concepts of Grammar, rules and its exceptions

Bring more accuracy and fluency in speaking

Communicate with greater ease and confidence

Socialise and network in English more comfortably

Develop a natural and accurate style of English pronunciation

Be able to speak successfully in job interviews

Course Content:

Reading - Listening - Speaking - Comprehension

Basic Vocabulary

Structured sentence construction

Writing practice - Basic Sentences for everyday situations

Basic Grammar rules

12 Tenses in English

Self Introduction

Mirror Practice

Build confidence

Introduction to Public Speaking and overcome nervousness

Topic-based Speaking practice

Project presentations

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Learning outcomes:

Fluently speaking in real life and career situations

Express yourself confidently in focused groups of people

Speak grammatically correct sentences in English

Introduce and present yourself confidently in interviews 

Socialise and network in English more comfortably

Participate in Group Discussions and meetings

Articulate and pronounce words with neutral accent

Communicate ideas and suggestions in required Business vocabulary

Deliver effective presentations with multiple tools

Write effective emails with right syntax and verbiage

Course Content:

Change in the Mindset and Attitude

Business English Grammar

Effective Email writing

Topic Presentations and Video Recording

Neutral English Pronunciation

Interview / Meetings / Discussion Skills

Confident Body Language

Communication Skills

Powerful Vocabulary

Conversational Skills

Our Functional application and feedback is simply icing on the cake!  

Our interactive techniques ensure the much-needed transformation and lay the foundation to speak English fluently in your daily life and at your workplace.

What are you waiting for? Didn’t you always wanted to speak fluent English? Get started with your first lessons of Spoken English course today!

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